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Colouring a design agency’s canvas


A Blank Canvas Design




RE-BRAND: When a design agency down in Dorset approached me to help them rebrand, I beamed for two reasons: 1) They’d been referred through Google (salutes organic SEO) and 2) They were such friendly creative people – this was going to be FUN!

As they provided a variety of interior design services for hospitality businesses, A Blank Canvas Design were in a quandary over how to effectively communicate their offering.

Working closely with the in-house creative team – firstly on the website refresh – I helped my client present their creative services in an edgy and user-friendly manner, by creating a stylish yet quirky tone of voice.

Leading the Homepage with the teasing “You wouldn’t dream of going to work in your underwear, would you…?” proposition, I went on to simply differentiate their two main services: Interior Décor and Brand Identity.

During the planning phase, I helped my client understand the importance of discreetly folding in a sustainable SEO strategy, undertaking all my own keyword research and planning a page-by-page strategy before crafting the metadata and on-screen copy.

ABCD (I love such an orderly initialism) also wanted to send out a teaser catalogue to inspire clients with their latest creations. So, we produced a glossy LOOKBOOK, providing the perfect opportunity to dress up the stylish tone of voice.

I continue to help ABCD with client projects – from writing printed restaurant menus, to punchy pub signs.

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