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Connecting with young people


Connexions Direct (via the DCSF)




EXAM BANNER: It’s funny. After spending the best part of two and a half years managing the content production (and innovating an entire new content strategy covering 1,000+ pages) for Connexions Direct – a government website with an annual readership of 10+ million – how strange that I should show you; One. Simple. Online banner.

But that’s the point. This exam banner is all that’s needed to illustrate how I digested the driest of government policies, transforming staunch academia language into juicy ‘alive’ content that leapt off the screen and penetrated the mindsets of a teenage demographic.

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Sally is passionate about the written word and it shows! She produces beautifully crafted, pin-point accurate copy for use in on or offline media, and writes insightfully and intuitively for the most diverse audiences.

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