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WEBSITE REFRESH: Stickyeyes approached me with a clear vision.  The search specialists wanted to refresh their brand to showcase their award-winning credentials across the wider marketing field. They didn’t just want to sound technical. Nor creative. Why should they be pigeon-holed, when they offer the best of both? They needed a Copywriter to set them free.

Fluffing feathers alongside brand ambassadors Elmwood, I raised my wings – rewriting the entire website to give it a credible personality. Of course, it wasn’t quite that simple. During the high-speed transatlantic flight, I digested the brand (new) bible, analysed wireframes, created content guidelines, influenced the information architecture, SEO strategy, screen designs, and of course, wrote the showering of hooting headlines, persuasive paragraphs, and click-me-quick buttons.

And the air miles didn’t stop clocking up there. I presented a fresh way of introducing the team (keep scrolling), which was a real sticking point for my client, who was in a quandary over how to present their force in an engaging, yet professional manner.

A smattering of phone calls, emails, staff interviews, and several (thousand) words later, Stickyeyes were flying high with the launch of their brand new site, which naturally, is fully optimised for Goobots – though you’d never guess, if you’re human.

Stickyeyes have since been crowned the UK’s Best Agency at the UK Search Awards.

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