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1 in a 100

Me, Sally Symondson peering down my leopard-shades as I read The Drum

Long live the centenary celebrations!

No I haven’t just turned 100 (cue heavy huff – the sort of sigh that would abruptly end the cat’s contented purr) nor has Salsify Creative been thriving for 10 decades (obviously). No, I’ve just been voted in the UK’s Top 100 Freelancers outside of London. Some feat considering I’ve only been a (fulltime) Freelance Copywriter for just over 100 days (128 to be precise).

It takes more than a 100 days’ experience to be a Freelance Copywriter.

Of course I’ve been copywriting for a whole lot longer than this, as you’d know if you’d taken the time to read my first blog. If not, imagine the disapproving stare of a head mistress peering down her half-moons. The kind of glance that would dissolve the school bully into a whimpering wuss. Instantly. Yes, that’s the sort of scornful eye now piercing a Salsify-shaped scar into your brow (through leopard print shades as opposed to half-moons).

Why was I voted in the Top 100 Freelancers outside the Great Loop of London?

A host of agencies from outside the M25 (I know, WOW; as if wonders actually exist beyond this monumental parameter) voted for their favourite freelancer. Out of over 400 nominated creative geniuses – from design gods to PR gurus – The Drum cherry-picked the top 100 based on the most highly recommended talent in the field.

An earthy concept can blossom into a stunning flower. In fact, the most beautiful creations are conceived below ground.

The fact speaks for itself. No further (or even furniture) polish needed. Oh, really, you insist? Well in that case; if you need a Freelance Copywriter in Leeds, Manchester, anywhere else in Yorkshire, or hell, London too (M25, I take it back), then dig that bit deeper with a Copywriter who doesn’t look 100, will unearth shiny digital diamonds (not the bloody variety), who offers the equivalent of a century’s experience and boasts the vitality of a 10-year-old. 100 is the new 1.

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