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Date: Apr 24 - Comments: 0 - Category: content strategy, copywriting, digital copywriter, freelance copywriter, Salsify Creative - By: Sally

Take your shoes off, leave the heavy treadmill at the door and treat yourself to a break. You’re now in the writing playground of Salsify Creative, where deep-rooted ideas are pushed above ground by me, Sally Symondson.

Or, more to the point, the place where I’m uninhabited at exercising my fingers (and airing my mind) on any subject I care to muse about. Did I just hear you gasp? That’s right – sweep aside the “Oh, here we go – ANOTHER shameless self-promoting blog” scepticism and prepare for the fact that: a) This probably still is one of ‘those blogs’ in your eyes (what blog isn’t? Especially if it’s unpaid); b) I can’t promise that every blog will be ground-breaking, however…; c) I can promise that they will always be grounded. After all, I am speaking to a human here. Pleased to not really meet you by the way!

Who? What? WHY? WHO?

After playing the copywriting field for a number of years (five in digital, to be precise) I realised there were only so many more times I could use that old hairdresser analogy (you know, “It’s a bit like a hairdresser not getting around to having their hair cut…”) to explain my online presence, or lack of it, before people grew bored… and sceptical.

In fairness, it’s that seductive little thing called life’s fault. Monogamous young me has been so busy crafting my fingers off in permanent contracts (chains/shackles never entered my mind, honest), that it’s only now – after following my dream to go freelance in recent months – that Eureka exclaimed, “It’s time to sort out your website and write some blogs. And why not start your own company while you’re at it”. Thank you, Eureka.

On that note, I hope that my blogs are going to keep you entertained and raise a smile (or even just an eyebrow). While I can’t always promise they’ll be intelligent, witty, a work-of-art, pretentious, or even try that hard, I can promise that they will be worthy and earthy (ooh, pardon my ‘accidental’ poetic ingenuity).

Now that I’ve (hopefully, still?) got your attention, why not wander down to my first ‘proper’ blog (this was just a prelude) about content strategy and be the first to comment. I may be eating my words if you all start commenting at once, thus making the latter part of this sentence superfluous.  If that’s not an incentive to read on, you must have forgotten to take your shoes off…

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