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Freelance Copywriter in London grows faster

Date: Apr 23 - Comments: 0 - Category: birthdays, content strategy, digital copywriter, freelance copywriter, Salsify Creative - By: Sally

One of my Leeds seeds asked me whether I’d died the other day. Or thrown in the trowel. As I start the fourth fruitful year during a racy contract with a global giant, it’s time to silence the rumours…

So I’ve peeled off the muddy gloves and rested the burnished trowel on the side, as I wipe my brow to plough this quick update.


Before I spill the seeds on why I’ve snapped a few nails this year (collateral damage), I’m raising my chafed fingers (thumbs up, naturally) to celebrate Salsify Creative’s fourth year as a ‘limited’ company – though I find the term misleading.

Holy smoke

Following our scorching jaunt down under, I needed flamin’ heat to thaw my post-Oz blues.

So we packed our tools and moved to a new allotment in London. It couldn’t have gone smoother, or been busier. From fertilising the digital re-launch of a life changing organisation to delivering a fresh brand identity for one of Glastonbury’s sweeter smelling partners (sadly, I didn’t gatecrash and sport mudlocked hair) – there wasn’t even time to officially cut the ribbon at the new allotment.

Between growing crates of fresh produce for international clients including Laureate Europe over in Amsterdam, I was called onsite to help clients closer to home, such as Sapient Nitro. Surprisingly, I wasn’t just brought onboard to marvel at the many floors or get lost during the lift-riding process. Rather, innovate a 10+ year global content strategy for an international healthcare giant. No sweat (wafts wings).

Oh, and there was a small matter of a wedding to also plan. Yes, that’s me marrying my university sweetheart in late August, just near my childhood school – where the daydreaming, wild short stories and mathematical nightmares began.

Freelance Copywriter in London ties the knot

Fresh from the honeymooning shores of Zanzibar, I quickly hit the road. Not to escape my husband, tsk – we’re newly weds.

It was in fact to help drive one of the biggest car rental companies in the worrrld (Clarkson) to the front of the grid through a global brand re-launch. As a racing driver wannabe, you can probably imagine – I’m in my element and loving every mile of the ride.

Seven months in and two contract extensions later, it’s all go, with plenty of fuel left before we redline.

Spring trim

But that’s enough reminiscing, soppy talk and racy spoilers. I’ll dig up all the lovely fresh crops in a portfolio update… coming soon, to a screen near you.

Just let us move to a new allotment first. Yes, you read right. All go again, as Salsify Creative packs for greener pastures. Naturally, we’re staying in London because – let’s not be flowery – we’re in demand and digging every second of it. And yes, we do need more gardeners.

One last dig… We promise the next post will give you more than a roundup of Salsify Creative’s growth for the year.

Keep sowing and growing.

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