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Why hire me as your Copywriter?

The Simple Answer

I'm a copywriting chameleon with a creative heart and commercial head. Here are 10 more reasons:

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The Full Caboodle

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Cut the clutter and seal the deal

In a hurried and competitive world, how do you cut-through? I make each word count to engage and persuade, utilising every opportunity to make the user act on motivational calls-to-action. But that’s just the icing on my freelance copywriting service. When I manage web content, the inner Content Strategist delves deeper to ensure users are quickly circulated to core messages through intuitive navigation systems.

Words in lots of pies

It’s true. I love pies and could be mistaken as a “proper Yorkshire lass” if it wasn’t for my East-Anglian twang. Starting my writing career in a newsroom, I went on to write across many mediums for big brands on numerous projects. From DM brochures and articles in gloss, to flashy online banners and video scripts, when I say I write across any medium, I honestly do (it’s not uncommon to find me writing on a tissue when I suddenly have an ‘idea’ for a new poem in the middle of the night). So you could say I’m greedy with words. But I like to think I’m resourceful. I’m always aware of their relevance for the medium and that’s why I’m renowned for my flexible writing style. That’s also why they’re on a strict diet when I write digitally (apart from maybe here, but give me a break – I’m playing!).

Brains behind the words

Writing successful copy is all about understanding and building a relationship with my audience. What makes my reader tick? What’s on their mind? Having a genuine interest in this, rather than pretentious wordplay (which is always pretty, but also pretty pointless if it’s irrelevant to the user) helps me to write effective copy that probes people to listen, think and act. It’s this passion for optimising the overall user experience that has evolved to my expertise in digital content strategy.

Wise words = big(ger) brands

It’s all very well frantically trying to attract consumers, but this effort is unsustainable if you fail to retain their loyalty over the longer-term.

You know by now how passionate I am about understanding my audience. Using this insight, I communicate with consumers as ‘real’ people, making them feel valued as an individual rather than talking to them en-masse. No-one wants to be lost in the crowd. Everyone wants to be noticed. And we all LOVE to feel appreciated. So my theory is clear. Respect your customer and they will respect your brand. Create content that gives them something back and they’ll return. So when I say I help brands grow, I mean it; I carefully craft communications adopting the right tone-of-voice, language and style to grab the user’s attention and win hearts ‘en-masse’.

Having worked for one of the largest advertising agencies outside of London and in-house for a global travel company (to name just two), I’ve been lucky enough to communicate across B2B, B2C, FMCG, retail and public markets for famed brands.

Strategic and creative SEO copywriter. Really?

Yes, the words creative and SEO really do go hand-in-hand. I believe it’s crucial that they do in order to provide the user with content that’s both relevant to their search and credible to their expectation. This is why I carefully plan a bespoke SEO keyword strategy for each web page based on the content offering. So don’t be surprised to hear me slam keyword stuffing as “my enemy” and hail creative SEO copy as “my religion”. I’ve helped enough businesses transform their search engine marketing through organic and PPC activity to know that creative SEO copy pleases the crawlers and your users.

Digital dynamite at the ready

From attention-grabbing e-shots and online promotions, to behind-the-scenes content creation guidelines, name the advertising campaign and I’ll orchestrate the noise.

No-one wants to admit to being a CMS geek

But all you need to know is I have a bucket-load of CMS experience and am partial to enjoying a break from the word factory every now and then to upload, tweak, and even fix a few broken links.

The proof’s in the pie

You might have known I’d be back on to my favourite subject. As a self-confessed grammar vigilante who was caught copying out of a dictionary from an early age, rogue apostrophes (at worst) rarely slip past my beady eyes. I’m as obsessed with meticulous quality-checking as I am with getting lost (to find my focus) in deep Drum and Bass. Did I mention I’m a qualified proofreader?

My contagious laugh shatters windows and cracks mirrors

And I’ve been compared to a hyena-on-heat when I really get going. But the less said about that the better. All you need to know is I have a ridiculous sense of humour and am an all-time advocate of shiny, happy vibes. This ensures I gel well with designers, developers, project managers and everyone really.

Copy, right?

I’d probably sound a little authoritarian if I said there is a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to write copy, but I do find listening is a great place to start. And finish…

Why hire me as your Freelance Copywriter infographic

P.S. And I'm not precious about what you do or don't need; copy editing and proofreading is all part of my copywriting service.


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Sally is passionate about the written word and it shows! She produces beautifully crafted, pin-point accurate copy for use in on or offline media, and writes insightfully and intuitively for the most diverse audiences.

Kate Standen, Account Director, Brass

Great person to work with and extremely professional whilst being excellent at getting the brief 1 million % right every time.

Myk Baxter, Director, Myk Baxter Marketing

Sally wasted no time in getting stuck in and met the brief superbly. I recommend Sally to any business and we'll certainly be using her much more.  

Dan Bosomworth, Director, First 10 Digital

Sally is highly thoughtful and her work accommodates the demands of SEO, online user behaviour, brand positioning and the need for strong motivational calls to action and engagement that online content requires. She delivers an enormous amount of energy to every project.

Ian Rossin, Creative Director, Brass

Your hard work is really changing the way we are engaging with our customers and I can see the benefits already. You constantly challenge the way we do things and always provide solid evidence of why we should do things differently. I've recently demonstrated examples of your wonderful, engaging, customer centric copy to our senior stakeholders and they LOVE IT! Thanks and keep up the fantastic work.

Jo Wray, UX Designer, HSBC

Great personality and great skill is a hard package to come by. Sally not only has both of these qualities in abundance, but she is so easy to work with! As a creative company we love Sally's witty and passionate approach and have confidence to turn to her time and time again with a variety of on and offline briefs.

Clare Townsend, Director, A Blank Canvas Design