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In 2D A3, what, me?

So this is me, in 2D A3

Date: Aug 11 - Comments: 2 - Category: arty smarts, copywriting, creative copywriting, inspiration, presentations, random play - By: Sally

If someone asked you to represent yourself on a blank sheet of well-thumbed and suspiciously sticky sheet of A3 card, what would you create?

This is starting to sound a lot seedier than originally intended. Really, it isn’t. Nothing sexy to be seen here. But hopefully some vowel play will stimulate your mind.  Yes, the only slice of action you’re in for is the irresistible image of my weary limbs awkwardly jumbled on a wobbly-nobly farmhouse table on an uninspiring Monday evening, deliberating over whether to reface (or indeed, deface) the shiny or sticky side of this immensely appetising canvas.

Gyrating Gagas

What struck me was my impeccable organisation on such an occasion. Not only had I barely finished preparing one chapter of a presentation about digital copywriting (phew, at least it was on a very specific subject), having eyed the shiny surface (the sticky underside had gathered an alarming amount of cat fluff eerily akin to one of ‘those’ wig pieces Gaga gyrates in, but in black), I was now faced with the dilemma of not having any tools that would impress the shiny side or even – if things got really desperate – withstand the filth of the seedy side. I was just about to reach for my waterproof mascara when, suddenly, “Aha! I know!” (Hello Eureka, lovely to hear from you again.)

Treasured drawers

My dearest’s drawers were always a treasure trove in times of need and after a quick rummage, I gleefully surfaced brandishing a handful of graphic black, blue and red pens in front of my visibly disturbed cat, who was looking as bedraggled as I felt (most likely due to the amount of hair she’d unwittingly shed). “YAY, they’ll do!” I yelped, in uncanny timing with Mr T branding one of the World’s Craziest Fools as precisely that.

Sleep goggles

Perhaps it was the sleep goggles, but in these dark and dire twilight hours, the realisation of the powerfully smooth strokes those strong nibs could deliver suddenly transformed the trio of pens into inextricably HOT objects of desire, smouldering at the tip.

Oops, I spilt again…

Surprisingly, the first thought that popped into my mind was a deluge of wordy shapes.  And so it started. One of the most random brain-spills you can imagine… Dig in to see for yourself what makes Salsify tingle at the roots. I’ll give you a clue. The left-hand side illustrates the fresh, earthy, free-flowing spirit, while the right-hand side reveals the dynamic alter-ego, fearlessly challenging the boundaries of convention with fiery devil horns, ouch!

So this is me, in 2D A3 (or 'Sal')

So, the question remains. If someone asked you to represent yourself on an A3 sheet of card, what would you create?


P.S. That’s probably enough slogging (that’s silly blogging to you) now. My next piece should be a well-educated marvel of literature, but then again I do that for a living, so it’s immensely satisfying to stretch my fingers in my own playground every now and then. What do you think? (And this time, for Salsify’s sake – say something! It’s nice to tell me directly that you enjoy my blogs, but I’m sure others would love to hear what you think too!).

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