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Life’s better on the beach…

Shell Beach, Guernsey

Date: Jul 31 - Comments: 0 - Category: content strategy, copywriting, digital copywriting, inspiration, Salsify Creative - By: Sally

… And playing the field. Salsify’s roots are thriving, fresh shoots are flourishing, and we’re feeling inspired!

Hello! Yes, we’re ALIVE and growing strong.

I always promised to keep my rambles worthy and earthy. So rather than spout about how busy I’ve been (and how guilty I feel about barely having time to blink or chomp a carrot, yet alone think about what I can say to you), I’ll be productive and explain WHY.

Above the clouds the sun is always shining.

Given the grizzle that’s laughed outside my window for most of this “summer” (if you dare to call it that), it’s hardly surprising we’ve been up to our flower-power wellies in mud.

But, life is too short to moan about the weather and suffer from the busy disease (unless that’s what you enjoy). This is why I’ve been dragging my tatty old suitcase to find fresh thinking space in quite a few international destinations recently.

Life is good at the beach

Let me just think, for as long as I want…

From frying in the full-fat furnace of the Amalfi Coast, and sifting seashells on the windswept shores of Guernsey, to collecting warm eggs from Broody Bob and milking goats in Spain’s Andalucian mountains, fresh inspiration can be sourced from anywhere, when you take a moment to step aside and look outside. I mean, who knew Moonpig is based in Guernsey? And that its beaches aren’t soaked in sewage (you’ll find that potent aroma is the sweet smell of decaying seaweed).

Travel tales (weather-whining) aside, right about the time I published my last blog, it was like someone waved a red flag and a hungry herd hurtled towards me, all wanting a slice of Salsify at once. (Not that I’m complaining or comparing clients to wildebeests. They happen to be a jolly nice bunch.)

A fruitful summer at the allotment.

Fresh Salsify-shaped shoots are cropping up in even more pastures.

Here’s a quick taster of this season’s produce:

May: Working alongside branding experts Elmwood, I wrote the new website for award-winning digital agency Stickyeyes. And it couldn’t have gone better.

June: Between signing NDAs for new clients (woo, but ssh) and writing a series of racy press releases that stole the attention of Yahoo! news, I hot-fingered onsite for a host of local agencies, and squeezed in a Content Strategy workshop (which I plan to run more of). I’m also about to run an SEO copywriting workshop.

July: As I write this, I’m keenly awaiting feedback on the copy for a professional services website, due to go live this week, ahead of writing a children’s clothing e-commerce website. And then…

August: (Just about) and it’s already filled with a diversity of projects, including another professional services website, a daring e-commerce website, an international project on the far-eastern horizon, plus more surprises from Miss Serendipity, I’m sure.

But. I’ve only got 10 thin fingers (and 10 unsightly toes), so…

Meet the Salsify Seeds.

Salsify Creative is growing beyond a one-woman outfit into a thriving team of Salsify Seeds (who happen to be very talented writers), which means we can take on more projects and continue to flourish.

Broody Bob

{Broody Bob.}

Be inspired (or entertained, at least).

With Olympic fever sweeping the nation and “inspiring the next generation” on the tip of athletes’ glory (or effort… it’s the taking part that counts, apparently), I’ve decided to raise the bar (and my – plus hopefully your – pulse).

I’ll be speaking at an international networking event for creative and marketing businesses, taking place soon. I can’t tell you much more at this stage, but I’ll let you know nearer the time. What I talk about isn’t going to be something you can just Google, so do stay tuned!

Create more than you capture.

After witnessing an utterly inspiring TEDx back in March, Tim O’Reilly’s ideas on our “sharing economy” and the importance of “creating value” resonate in my mind as relevant and valuable reminders for today’s creative industry.

In a sharing age, when it’s easy to be consumed by feeding off others, it’s ever important to share your unique creations.*

Stay fresh.

On that note, continue to think out loud, treat mistakes as learning experiences, deviate from the herd, peddle faster, jump into puddles and, hell, get your hands dirty. Or whatever inspires you.

*All photographs are my own, so please feel free to mentally capture, but remember they’re under copyright.  

Warm eggs

{Still warm – thanks Broody Bob.}

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