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One Year Taller

Salsify Creative is One Year Taller!

Date: Apr 25 - Comments: 0 - Category: Awards, birthdays, copywriting, digital content management, digital copywriting, freelance copywriter - By: Sally

My, how Salsify Creative’s roots have spread this year! To celebrate one year’s growth in virtual pastures, we thought we’d throw a bit of a party…

Well, when I say party, more of an online gathering. Right HERE, right NOW. It’s like that awkward moment at the start of a school disco, where stiff limbs form a circle of terror around the desolate dance floor. And then. The inevitable. <gasp> The first regurgitating Jelly Belly enters the ring. </cringe>

So, to save Jelly Belly’s sticky demise, let me swivel the spotlight on what I’ve been up to in my first year as a (fulltime) Freelance Copywriter. I say ‘fulltime’, because as my regulars know, I’d been moonlighting for years during in-house and agency roles before I took the scariest step of my life… And the big wigs never knew – until now…!

A busy year at the allotment

Fresh salsify-shaped shoots are cropping up all over the place!

Amidst the creation of this website (which saw me and my burly builder over at Flo Design adopt the rabid panda look, thanks to many insomnious nights… we’re talking 1am email tennis, as standard), I secured a 3-6 month contract with global giant HSBC, which ended up lasting for nine months. And madly, pause for breath, during this time I was also voted in the UK’s Top 100 Freelancers.

Financial fortune

Hired as a Freelance Digital Content Manager by HSBC to oversee one of the biggest web projects of my career, I felt no pressure <scratch nose> on my first day as I shook hands with the Channel Experience Team Manager, who declared, “We’ve never had a Content Manager before, so we’re expecting BIG things. We want you to show us how it’s done!”

And off I went. Given the complex nature of the project (which I’m sworn to secrecy on, until it goes live this Autumn) and the fact I had no brief at all – apart from, “You tell us”, I spent the months that followed developing an editorial Content Strategy, defining user journeys, analysing wireframe after wireframe, advising UX Designers on content climbing frames, doing my best Challenge Anneka impersonation in an alluring headset during conference calls, dabbling in Axure software, attending live usability sessions, leading training sessions, oh, and mustering-up some engaging copy in the process.

Drinking lots and lots of coffee had its benefits – as did eating the onsite restaurants out of their irresistible delights. Thankfully, spinning, body pump, badminton, and any other exercise I can get my sweaty palms on, are finally removing all evidence of my (not so) healthy infidelity.

Anyway, enough from me. Find out what HSBC really thought about my efforts (scroll down, look right).

Spring shoots

Since finishing my stint at HSBC, I’ve been doing what I do best – greedily sticking my fingers into lots of pies, triple-jumping pigeonholes and sky gazing.

From working directly with smaller businesses, to helping frenzied agencies with last minute projects (try half a day’s notice, but it’s all good!), I’ve been busy expanding my client-base. Having just completed the on and offline re-brand for a design agency darn on the sarth coast (thanks SEO-fingers/Google), I’m about to embark on the refresh of a leading digital agency’s website closer to my hillside home. And with a couple of confirmed e-commerce projects in the pipeline, plus ongoing random requests from my regulars, it’s going to be another productive season for Salsify Creative!

Got a minute?

What? You haven’t even got a second to spare? But you need time to think, don’t you?

That’s why I enjoyed writing this post so much. As more and more content is created, and we gobble faster and faster, it’s squishing the time we have to reflect into a frantic corner. So I thought I’d give myself time to reflect.

Whether you’re a taxi driver, fellow freelancer, gardener or any other business owner, if you could reflect on your life this past year, what would you realise?


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